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Hazing Policy

Hazing refers to any activity that causes physical or emotional harm, degradation, or humiliation during initiation into a student organization. The various actions that may constitute hazing, regardless of a person's willingness to participate, include binge drinking, sexual harassment and assault, ridicule, sleep or food deprivation, personal servitude, physical beatings, embarrassing outfits or actions in public, or water intoxication. This definition applies to incidents that occur both on and off campus involving members of the campus community. There are many myths surrounding hazing. These myths are debunked at Hazing Myths, Cornell University.

Hazing is a violation of Cal Poly's Standards for Student Conduct, as well as the California Penal Code Section 245.6. Students who participate in hazing, even if only as an observer, may face sanctions from both the university and the criminal justice system. 

The safety of members of the University community is of primary importance.  Any Cal Poly student or any person involved with Cal Poly students who becomes aware of hazing should notify the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities.  While the Standards for Student Conduct prohibit alcohol use on campus or at University related activities and prohibit the use of illegal drugs, these regulations should not be a barrier to reporting an incident of hazing.

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