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FAQ from supporters

What can you tell me about my student's situation?

Student Rights & Responsibilities wants to involve parents in their student's situations that resulted in a charge with our office as much as possible. We will engage parents as part of the process in all respects, we just need the student to fill out a FERPA release so that we can talk about the case. 

How often do students get in trouble?

Student Rights & Responsibilities processed over 900 violations of the Standards for Student Conduct last year, resulting in about 2% of the total Cal Poly student population.

Which Executive Order is appropriate for my student's situation?

Executive Order 1098 details the student conduct process at Cal Poly pursuant to the California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Section 41301. For cases involving sexual misconduct, the process begins with the Office of Equal Opportunity under Title IX and follows Executive order 1097.

Can you tell me about my student's housing situation?

While student discipline is conducted and monitored by Student Rights & Responsibilities, many of the misconduct that occurs on campus occurs within the residence halls. Residence hall discipline is handled internally, and you should contact to learn more about your student's situation in residence life. 

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