Mission Statement

The Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities (OSRR) administers the California State University Standards for Student Conduct. This office ensures a fair and impartial administration of the disciplinary process while educating students about their responsibilities and protecting the rights of all members of the University community. The Office addresses student behavioral problems in a developmental and educational manner with the goal of fostering the ethical development and personal integrity of students.

Learning Objectives

The goal of the student conduct process is to educate students about how their actions impact their person, the campus, and the greater campus community. Our first priority is learning, and we have created learning objectives as outcomes for students that go through our processes. OSRR supports the Cal Poly University Learning Objectives of thinking critically and creatively, communicating effectively, and making reasoned decisions based on an understanding of ethics and respect for diversity. 

  1. Understand how the behavior required by the Standards for Student Conduct supports the student's ultimate success.
  2. Understand how the Standards for Student Conduct contribute to the well-being of the university community.
  3. Articulate the student's ethical obligations as a student and professional.
  4. Articulate the student's reasoning behind positive and negative behavioral choices.
  5. Develop the student's ability to recognize and evaluate alternative courses of action.

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