FAQ from Faculty

Do I have to report?

Yes. According to Academic Senate Resolution 722-10, all faculty members are required to report instances of academic dishonesty to Student Rights & Responsibilities if they are confident that cheating or plagiarism has occurred. 

How long will this process take?

The process will only take as long as it takes for all parties involved to be contacted, interviewed, and the investigation to be completed. We try to resolve all cases of academic dishonesty within 20 business days of the report being filed. Only in very complicated or rare occurrences will an investigation take longer than 20 business days. 

What happens if we disagree?

Reasonable people can differ on the interpretation of academic integrity. There is a lot of "grey area" in all of student misconduct, and there are some circumstances in which Student Rights & Responsibilities will disagree with a reporting faculty member's allegation. In those cases, we will be extremely transparent in why we disagree, and at the end of the day, it is the reporting faculty member who assigns the grade, and Student Rights & Responsibilities will never offer an opinion on a student's grade, unless explicitly asked for past/best practices.

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