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Clubs & Organizations FAQ

What is a witness’ role in an investigation?

A witness may be asked by OSRR to come in and speak with our staff regarding an incident. During this meeting, you will be informed of your rights as a witness, given the opportunity to have an advisor present, and asked about any information you may have/know. OSRR staff will work around your class schedule when making meeting appointments. Witness meetings are crucial to the health, safety, and well-being of our Cal Poly and San Luis Obispo community.

As a witness, will the club/organization find out I spoke to OSRR?

No. Our Recognized Student Organization Code of Conduct (RSOCC) protects all witnesses who report incidents to OSRR or who have been named as individuals with additional information. A witness and their statements are completely confidential throughout this process – OSRR will never share the names of student witnesses with the club or organization. All appropriate measures will be taken to protect student identity including redaction of documents and neutral pronoun use.

What information does OSRR share with our National HQ?

OSRR works closely with any National HQ staff to ensure a timely, thorough, and accurate investigation. As a result, OSRR believes that transparency is the key to these partnerships and may share investigation notes with the designated professional staff member(s) of the organization. This may include any notes, documents, photographs, or summaries included in the initial incident file. However, witness identities will still be protected throughout this process.

How does OSRR communicate next steps to me?

OSRR will always send communication to a student’s official Cal Poly email address regarding next steps in the investigation. When sending communication to an organization, the official club/organization email address on file will be used to send information to the President. Incident information will never be sent to an off-site email address for individual students (gmail, Hotmail, yahoo, etc).

How do I find out what sanction(s) my club/organization is on?

Club and organization conduct files may be requested by the President by emailing All conduct files for clubs and organizations are kept indefinitely, per the RSOCC record retention policy. Upon receiving a request for a file, it may take 7-10 business days for OSRR to compile the documents and make any redactions to maintain confidentiality. The President will be notified when the file is available for review. OSRR will never email this file to Presidents. Conduct files are property of OSRR and Cal Poly.

How do I appeal my club/organization’s sanctions?

Outcome letters issued by OSRR are administrative actions. As such, there is no appeals process for sanctions placed on a club/organization. The President is not required to memorialize the outcome letter in writing for sanctions to take effect. An opportunity to speak into the proposed sanctions will be provided to the President and National HQ staff, if appropriate, prior to issuing the outcome letter.

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