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How does the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities decide to contact me?

A complaint or allegation of a possible violation of the Standards for Student Conduct is received by OSRR, usually in the form of a report from faculty, students, or staff. OSRR completes an initial investigation of the allegation, and if there is supporting evidence, initiates the student disciplinary process by emailing information about the charges to the student and directing the student to call the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities to schedule an appointment to discuss the charges. 

What standard of proof is used to determine if a student is responsible for a violation of the Standards for Student Conduct?

It is the University's burden to show that it is "more likely than not" that a student violated the Standards for Student Conduct. The University's charge must be sustained by a preponderance of the evidence but not "beyond a reasonable doubt." 

What happens at the first meeting?

The first meeting is an informal meeting between the OSRR Director and the student charged. It is a chance for the Director to explain the disciplinary process to the student and the student's rights within that process. The Director also shares with the student the information contained in the complaint. The student then has an opportunity to respond to the information and provide any information that he or she feels is relevant. This meeting is an opportunity for the Director and the student charged to have an open and honest discussion about the incident. Usually, as a result of this meeting, the student and the Director agree on a mutually acceptable resolution to the incident.

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